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Data repository for measurements from 12 wind masts in Pakistan. Data will be uploaded in batches, on a monthly basis, and will transmit daily reports for wind speed, wind direction, air...

Source: Pakistan - Wind Measurement Data


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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
Date/time text
v80;wind_speed;Avg numeric
v80;wind_speed;Max numeric
v80;wind_speed;Min numeric
v80;wind_speed;StdDev numeric
v80;wind_speed;Count numeric
v80V;wind_speed;Avg numeric
v80V;wind_speed;Max numeric
v80V;wind_speed;Min numeric
v80V;wind_speed;StdDev numeric
v80V;wind_speed;Count numeric
v60;wind_speed;Avg numeric
v60;wind_speed;Max numeric
v60;wind_speed;Min numeric
v60;wind_speed;StdDev numeric
v60;wind_speed;Count numeric
v40;wind_speed;Avg numeric
v40;wind_speed;Max numeric
v40;wind_speed;Min numeric
v40;wind_speed;StdDev numeric
v40;wind_speed;Count numeric
v20;wind_speed;Avg numeric
v20;wind_speed;Max numeric
v20;wind_speed;Min numeric
v20;wind_speed;StdDev numeric
v20;wind_speed;Count numeric
dir78.5(deg);wind_direction;Avg numeric
dir78.5(deg);wind_direction;StdDev numeric
dir78.5(deg);wind_direction;Count numeric
dir58.5(deg);wind_direction;Avg numeric
dir58.5(deg);wind_direction;StdDev numeric
dir58.5(deg);wind_direction;Count numeric
Temp/Hum5;humidity;Avg numeric
Temp/Hum5;humidity;Max numeric
Temp/Hum5;humidity;Min numeric
Temp/Hum5;humidity;StdDev numeric
Temp/Hum5;humidity;Count numeric
Temp76;temperature;Avg numeric
Temp76;temperature;Max numeric
Temp76;temperature;Min numeric
Temp76;temperature;StdDev numeric
Temp76;temperature;Count numeric
Temp/Hum5;temperature;Avg numeric
Temp/Hum5;temperature;Max numeric
Temp/Hum5;temperature;Min numeric
Temp/Hum5;temperature;StdDev numeric
Temp/Hum5;temperature;Count numeric
baro (mbar);air_pressure;Avg numeric
baro (mbar);air_pressure;Max numeric
baro (mbar);air_pressure;Min numeric
baro (mbar);air_pressure;StdDev numeric
baro (mbar);air_pressure;Count numeric
A1;Avg numeric
A1;Max numeric
A1;Min numeric
A1;StdDev numeric
A2;Avg numeric
A2;Max numeric
A2;Min numeric
A2;StdDev numeric
A3;Avg numeric
A3;Max numeric
A3;Min numeric
A3;StdDev numeric
A4;Avg numeric
A4;Max numeric
A4;Min numeric
A4;StdDev numeric
C1;Avg numeric
C1;Max numeric
C1;Min numeric
C1;StdDev numeric
C2;Avg numeric
C2;Max numeric
C2;Min numeric
C2;StdDev numeric
C3;Avg numeric
C3;Max numeric
C3;Min numeric
C3;StdDev numeric
C4;Avg numeric
C4;Max numeric
C4;Min numeric
C4;StdDev numeric
C5;Avg numeric
C5;Max numeric
C5;Min numeric
C5;StdDev numeric
D1;Avg numeric
D1;Max numeric
D1;Min numeric
D1;StdDev numeric
D2;Avg numeric
D2;Max numeric
D2;Min numeric
D2;StdDev numeric
V;Avg numeric
V;Max numeric
V;Min numeric
I;Avg numeric
I;Max numeric
I;Min numeric
T numeric
addr numeric

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