Dakar (Senegal) - Flood Hazard Map (ESA EO4SD-Urban)

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For the urban and peri-urban area of Dakar, two main flood scenarios have to be considered: a. Fluvial floods b. Floods triggered by rainfall stagnation after heavy local cloudbursts Scenario a.) and b.) may occur at the same time. The flood hazard map was generated based on the occurrence of flood events during the past 10 years. The flood hazard classification in three qualitative hazard levels was done by summing up the flood occurences and reclassifying according to the following list: Number of events Flood Hazard Level 1 1 (low) 2-3 2 (medium) =4 3 (high) The estimation of the area threatened by tidal waves and coast erosion is based on available reports and press releases as well as on the extrapolation of the mapped difference (done by visual interpretation) of the coastline between 2003 and 2019

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Author World Bank Group
Last Updated March 23, 2021, 09:11 (UTC)
Created March 23, 2021, 09:11 (UTC)
Topic Extractive industries
Country Senegal
Coordinate Reference System EPSG 32628
Published year 2019
Start date 2009
End date 2018

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