Palestine - Electricity Transmission Network

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Interconnection of the electricity transmission network of Palestine with Jordan. The properties for nodes are "name" and "node type" (city, town, plant, dam...). The properties for lines are the "transmission power" in kV (e.g. 400), the "type of line" (single, double...), the linked nodes (identified by the nodes names) and, for international interconnections, the "interconnection" property gathers the two linked countries identified by name. The format is GeoJSON, nodes are displayed as points and lines as lines. Data comes from the Arab Union of Electricity.

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Field Value
Author Haroun Beltaifa
Last Updated April 13, 2020, 17:23 (UTC)
Created August 4, 2017, 04:00 (UTC)
Topic Power system and utilities; Transmission and distribution; Energy access
Country Palestine, State of
Region Middle East and North Africa
Status Ongoing
Coordinate Reference System WGS84
Published year 2017
End date 2016

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