NEO ( is a leading company in the Earth Observation (EO) business based in the Netherlands. Established in 1996, NEO has 25 years track record in providing information services starting from the changes in our habitat. From the changes we detect, we built value-added services supporting both public and private organizations.

NEO's EO-based solutions cover a wide range of applications including but not limited to: Energy and Asset management, Infrastructure monitoring, Environmental monitoring, Agriculture monitoring, as well as Land and water.

With the strong expertise in geo-information/remote sensing and the patented and certified solution (ISO9001 and ISO27001) SignalEyes® for monitoring with earth observation data, NEO translates geodata into value-added services for the clients.

NEO serves over 250 customers in The Netherlands, within the European Union and internationally. Its services empower our customers to make better decisions, reduce costs, increase safety and prevent errors, to comply with regulations and to manage our environment better.