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Players and Initiatives Database


The database of initiatives maps out past and on-going projects and programs in the modern energy cooking sector. The database is categorized by global, regional, and national cooking initiatives. The database does not represent an exhaustive list of programs, but rather seeks to provide a broad sample of stove and fuel initiatives spanning different geographies and technologies.


The database of players contains over 2000 different organizations active in the modern energy cooking sector. These players are categorized by geography of operation and organization type. The database builds from the Clean Cooking Alliance’s Partner Directory which includes self-reported information by industry players.


View data on a world map for at-a-glance comparisons and to access country-level data.

The Access to Modern Energy Cooking Services: Players and Initiatives Database is part of the knowledge products under the 2020 State of Access to Modern Energy Cooking Services report, developed by the World Bank’s Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP), in close collaboration with Loughborough University on Modern Energy Cooking Services Program (funded by UK Aid of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office), and the Clean Cooking Alliance. This qualitative database takes stock of cooking players across the globe, as well as cooking initiatives taking place at a national, regional, and global level. For further information, please click here.