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Kenya Country Action Plan (CAP)
Launch: 2013 End: 2020
Region: SSA
Geography: Kenya
Type: National
ICS Only?: No
Value/Funding: N/A
Funder Type: Domestic Government, Nonprofit
Funders: Government of Kenya, Supported by CCA
  • Special Financing
  • Carbon Financing
  • Description:
    Multiple initiatives to increase access. Of 12 RISE companies Kenya made most progress since 2010. In Kenya manufacturers/retailers benefit from carbon financing mechanisms [2] RISE rating 66/100 [3] In 2016 removed 16% VAT on LPG, in 2015 removed excise duty on denatured ethanol [4] In 2018 the Gov increased duty on imported biomass stoves to 35%, removed/reduced duty on parts/raw materials [5]
    Multiple SACCOS established by Kenyan community leaders to help finance improved cookstoves [2]
    7 million households out of CCA's 100 million goal reached with cookstoves by 2020 [1]
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