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Improved Cook Stove Project with Carbon Finance (ICF)
Launch: 2014 End: 2024
Region: SA
Geography: Nepal
Type: National
ICS Only?: Yes
Value/Funding: N/A
Funder Type: Foreign Aid, Multilateral Organization, Private Corporation, Domestic Government
Funders: DGIS/Government of Netherlands, OPEC fund for International Development (OFID), Eneco Energy Trade BV
  • Capacity Building
  • Direct Provision
  • Special Financing
  • Carbon Financing
  • Subsidy
  • Description:
    ICS installed in individual households in 7 rural districts of Nepal in order to substitute the traditional cookstoves. Subsidies for biogas and improved traditional biomass given in the form of bank transfers for qualified brands. RISE rating 73/100 [4]
    12,418 ICS installed progressively, including replacements [1] 1.3+ Million Mud and Metallic Improved Cookstoves and 400,000+ Biogas Plants 600+ Solar Cookers installed until 2017 [2]
    Disseminate ICS to households in the Far Western Development Region (FWDR) of Nepal. Pilot implementation in 2012, the program intends to disseminate ICS to up to 150,000 households within seven chosen districts of the FWDR [5]
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