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Developing Improved Solutions for Cooking (DISC)
Launch: 2013 End: 2030
Region: SA
Geography: Nepal
Type: National
ICS Only?: N/A
Value/Funding: N/A
Funder Type: Multilateral Organization, Domestic Government
Funders: World Bank ESMAP, Government of Nepal
  • Pilot
  • Technical Assistance
  • Special Financing
  • Description:
    DISC supported development of an investment prospectus and a roadmap to achieve universal clean cooking by 2030. The roadmap involves moving the country towards a market-based, factory-manufactured approach. Under the new federal constitution, local governments have been empowered to lead in this area and DISC will seek to continue under this structure, working at both the local and national levels [1]
    Baseline survey was conducted in 6,000 households and technical specifications and labelling are being completed.4 pilots are in progress in the mountains, plains and urban/semi- urban centers [1]
    Universal access to clean cooking and a national program for clean cooking based on the investment prospectus [2]
    [1] World Bank ECCH Toolkit March 2019 [2]