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Peru National Program
Launch: 2009 End: N/A
Region: LAC
Geography: Peru
Type: National
ICS Only?: No
Value/Funding: N/A
Funder Type: Domestic Government; UN Agency; Private Corporation
Funders: Ministry of Energy & Mines, UNDP, private sector for LPG, Repsol Foundation
  • Direct Provision
  • Description:
    National multi-stakeholder mitigation project to distribute LPG & improved biomass stoves.
    Results of this parallel initiative promoted by the Repsol Foundation are 8,802 additional LPG stoves installed [2]
    45,000 LPG stoves, 65,000 ICS distributed (2010/2011). Once met, 210,000 new stoves target established (2012/2013) 8,000 new LPG stoves in the first half of 2012 & 7,500 LPG stoves in the second half of 2012 [2]
    [1] p. 120 [2]