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The PoA “Qori Q’oncha: Improved Cookstoves Diffusion Programme
Launch: 2008 [2] End: N/A
Region: LAC
Geography: Peru
Type: National
ICS Only?: Yes
Value/Funding: N/A
Funder Type: Foundation
Funders: Microsol International
  • Special Financing
  • Carbon Financing
  • Description:
    Innovative financing model in which the stove user provides no cash contribution but rather provides the basic construction material that is locally available such as adobe, lime, water and also participate during the stove construction [1]
    106,000 stoves installed [1]
    Coordinate various actions of cookstoves voluntary diffusion activities. Activities presented through Voluntary Program Activities (VPAs) of improved cookstove diffusion [2]
    [1] [2]