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Promoting Bio-Ethanol as a Clean Alternative Fuel for Cooking in Tanzania
Launch: 2018 End: 2023
Region: SSA
Geography: Tanzania
Type: National
ICS Only?: No
Value/Funding: $2.475 million GEF fund, co-financing of $23.04 million [3]
Funder Type: Multilateral Organization, UN Agency
Funders: Global Environment Facility (GEF), UNIDO
  • Subsidy
  • Technical Assistance
  • Description:
    Partnership program between the Government of Tanzania and UNIDO to promote biofuels for cooking to curb deforestation and reduce dependence on traditional solid fuels [2]
    Stoves to be distributed in 2019
    Benefit 500,000 households over the five year period, reaching 120,000 households in the first year [1]
    [1] [2] [3]