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Tanzania Improved Cookstoves (TICS) Programme
Launch: 2005 End: 2020
Region: SSA
Geography: Tanzania
Type: National
ICS Only?: Yes
Value/Funding: N/A
Funder Type: Bilateral Organization
Funders: Endev (implementers: GIZ, SNV)
  • Technical Assistance
  • RBF
  • Awareness
  • Description:
    Facilitates the sustainable market entry of Matawi stoves by employing ‘performance driven’ programming approaches suitable to the context of ICS artisans [1]
    286,000 people received access to modern cooking energy as of Dec 2017 [2]
    Intended to improve access and sustained use of appropriate cooking technologies for peri-urban and rural households of Tanzania through market linkages with quality private sector ICS product and service providers [1]
    [1] [2]