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Uganda Clean Cooking Supply Chain Expansion Project
Launch: 2016 End: 2019
Region: SSA
Geography: Uganda
Type: National
ICS Only?: Yes
Value/Funding: $2.20 million [1]
Funder Type: Multilateral Organization
Funders: World Bank
  • Capacity Building
  • Pilot
  • Special Finance
  • Technical Capacity
  • Description:
    Build/expand the distribution supply chain for qualified stoves, facilitate the integration of the stove supply chain though “matchmaking” between manufacturers and distributors, develop and field test high-impact marketing and consumer finance schemes; roll-out of a quality assurance and technical support program in support of manufacturers [1] RISE rating 63/100 [3]
    Preliminary results suggest 75% of households are using stove as primary device and average fuel savings in the range of 25% [2] Cumulative sales 24,654 stoves as of mid-May 2019 and with the combined sales of the eight participating distributor-manufacturer consortia [4]
    Reduce the economic burden on households and the negative impacts on the environment, of the inefficient use of solid biomass fuels for cooking by fostering sales and adoption of cleaner and more efficient cooking technologies. Target of 45,000 sold by end of 2019. [4]
    [1] [2] World Bank ECCH Toolkit March 2019 [3] [4]