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BIX Fund / BIX Capital
Launch: 2013 End: N/A
Region: N/A
Geography: N/A
Type: Global
ICS Only?: No
Value/Funding: Seven loans to six investees for total committed amount of US $8.6 million (Q1 2019) [4]
Funder Type: Foundations, Private Corporation, Multilateral Organization
Funders: Calvert Impact Capital, FMO, IFC, Shell Foundation, European family office [2]
  • RBF
  • Carbon Financing
  • Description:
    Bix Capital is an initiative of Shell Foundation, Goodwell and Cardano Development that provides flexible working capital debt financing to companies in the value chain for the design, production and marketing of essential household products in base-of-pyramid markets in developing countries [2]
    Invested in clean cooking (stoves, home biogas) and clean drinking water (in schools), reaching total of ~3.1m low-income consumers, SMEs able to distribute >120,000 products [4]
    Target total capital of USD25M for second close (May 2019) [3]
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